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About Robbie

Robbie Mangiardi is a singer songwriter currently based in Los Angeles who has been writing his own material for well over 50 years but only now has he found a desire to get his songs out to the real world.

Singer-songwriter is a term that now is a big umbrella.

Artists like Mississippi John Hurt, Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams and later  Dylan, Nina Simone James Taylor, Randy Newman, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell mastered their instruments, their singing, their lyricism and storytelling to a high art that drew Robbie to a place where he found himself inspired to do the same.

  A lead singer in a band at 15,Robbie later started writing and playing  in a few high school  bands and later the folk  circuit in NYC and New England but  after that just wrote music for years but rarely played out. Had his share of troubles with drugs and the law that did not help. He called himself, "a closet songwriter who wrote songs for an audience of one. I wrote songs to soothe myself, I guess. It still is a form of escapism to me."

 About eight years ago that all changed when friend and drummer Pete DeCoste  heard a few of Robbie's songs and brought them  to legendary  musician, songwriter and producer, Herb Pedersen.  Soon after, Herb brought Robbie into the studio with  a who's who of LA session musicians  including   Bill Bryson , Jay Dee Maness and John Jorgensen (all bandmates with Herb in the Desert Rose Band), Dean Parks, Gabe Witcher, Skip Edwards and Patrick Sauber to name a few, resulting in fourteen new  tracks of Robbie's music over the last six years .

Robbie is playing gigs in and around Los Angeles and now is happy he can now put his music out to the world..

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