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12/30/23 by BILL BENTLEY

Robbie Mangiardi, The People You Love. One of music’s greatest thrills is when someone appears totally out of the blue, with no real announcement. But through their songs, it’s like a bright new presence has announced themselves, and the power of the surprise is something never forgotten. That’s Robbie Mangiardi and his new album. It’s got some of the strongest country roots of anything recently released, and causes wonder about just where he came from. Turns out he’s from the East coast, but has found a southern style where his songs are born, and a delivery that has a sureness about it that cannot be missed. It’s like Mangiari arrives to show just how wonderful a musical surprise can be. Produced by music veteran Herb Pedersen, these eight songs really are all-timers, whether it’s the depth of the title song, “Moment of Weakness,” “Thank You for Breaking My Heart” or “Where the Waters Run.” Robert Mangiardi’s voice never misses. There is no trick to how he delivers his truths. The man sings like he’s waited his whole life to get here, and he’s only going forward. It’s called belief, and there’s a good chance it will take the man all the way. Mangiardi has arrived.

American Songwriter 12/15/21
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